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"I really enjoyed this event!  Positive and empowering.  Uplifting." 

-- Angela J

"This has been an awesome experience."

-- Saran T, Professor

"OMG! I learned so much.  I love what you do!  Very professional and fun!

-- Damion T, Photographer/Artist



Seasoned Beyond The Spotlight

"This was an awesome event, see you in April. Looking forward to all the life changing info." 

                                                  -- Leola J, Wife Coach

"I truly enjoyed the last event in general. The time line exercise was awesome, but the dream interpretation was very helpful for me. I am a lucid dreamer and being able to make a connection between my dreams regarding events and decisions I must make in my life helped me very much. Now I know how to use my dreams as a resource to the spirit realm to help tap into my unconscious to help me in decision making in the conscious. Thank you De Vida, I can't wait to see whats next for the July event!!"

                                            -- Osana F, Event Planner

"I enjoyed the event.  I enjoyed learning new concepts and the exercises were helpful in making the concepts more concrete."

-- Nina B, Entrepreneur

"Loved the timeline portion."

-- Antoinette M, Marketing