Integrated Services to Enhance & Manage...

 Your Personal, Professional, & Private Lifestyle​​



Q:  What is Psychotherapy?

  • ​Psychotherapy focuses on the past  
  • It looks at your presenting issues, psychological, and/or emotional problems affecting your current situation 


Q:  What is Our Role as your Therapist?

  • To provide short-term advice for less-serious problems (counseling)
  • To provide long-term, in-depth interventions for more chronic psychological and emotional problems (psychotherapy)
  • To uncover, identify, and process your emotions of the past and the choices you make
  • To provide coping skills, interventions and techniques, focused on your specified goal, to help you maintain and/or heal to the best of your ability
  • To collaboratively create a road map to your success


Q:  What is Coaching?

  • Coaching focuses on the present
  • It focuses on your strengths and values to assist you in accomplishing your goals

Q:  What is Our Role as your Coach?

  • To work in partnership with you to help you understand your present situation and improve your quality of life
  • To work in partnership with you to help you enhance and manage your Triple P Lifestyle addressing any of your 10 Core Life Areas within the 4 Quadrants of Focus.
  • To work in partnership with you to identify your core areas of concern and develop ways to improve using proven strategies, techniques and skills
  • To work with you in developing a customized strategy (plan) to achieve your goals and transform your life