Integrated Services to Enhance & Manage...

 Your Personal, Professional, & Private Lifestyle​​

4 Quadrants of Focus

  • Career/ Creative Expression
  • Relationships
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Time & Money Freedom 
10 Core Life Areas

  • Spirituality
  • Finances
  • Family
  • Employment
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Housing
  • Physical Well-Being
  • Social Well-Being
  • Education
  • Service To Others
Speaker, Author, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified life Coach, and Consultant.

Meet De Vida Gill, LCSW

De Vida is no stranger to a busy schedule and an active lifestyle.  For the past 20+ years she has been fusing art and entertainment in the creation of programs and services to help individuals recapture their authentic self. Working with groups spanning from at-risk youth to adults, she has developed programs to help manage the rigorous lifestyles of today addressing each of the 10 Core Life Areas within the 4 Quadrants of Focus.  Along with her many accomplishments, there were definitely mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome but she embraced the challenge by falling forward vs backward using the proven techniques, skills and tools that she has learned and/or created over the years.  It is with this knowledge that she created the Vida Blueprint of Success and the 3 Steps to Recharge You Series.

She practiced how to "get her Mahogany Vida in check" by identifying, analyzing, and learning something from each situation (positive or negative), thereby enabling her to make educated decisions to either adapt, redevelop and/or recreate not only herself but how she felt and responded to each situation.  She realized it wasn't the final destination that mattered but who she became in the process.

De Vida is an accomplished author, speaker, and trainer for both adults and teens alike.  She received her Master's of Social Work Degree at the University of Southern California.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Transformational DreamBuilder Coach, Educator, and Consultant, she continues to dedicate her life to helping others enrich their lives and umask their potential. With a background in the performing arts, she continues to uplift and empower the Arts and Entertainment Community by consulting, developing programs, creating training, and providing psychotherapy and coaching to help individuals manage their busy schedules and active lifestyle while embracing their own identity and uniqueness.